I'm Terrell.

I was born and raised in Southern Connecticut. I graduated from the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design (Sass-D for short) in May of 2016 and am currently a Graphic Designer at MillerSmith in Westport, CT.

I am an avid fan of learning new things: new processes, new programs, new techniques, new words, etc. I have been interested in design before I even really understood what it was. I appreciate all forms of design, especially designs that make me think, have a lot of white space, and are well thought out / executed.

I enjoy discovering new music: jazz, hip-hop, soul, rock, not country, house/electronic, old-school reggae, music in languages I don't understand, and (almost) everything in between. Also, I like to run not only for my health, but also because I surprisingly enjoy it.

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