Fissler USA

Web Redesign • 12/2017

(Not So) Perfect Every Time.

A month after I had graduated in 2016, my first major design concept was presented to a client. I worked on the initial stages of the project as an intern: helping to work out the site map and put together the wireframes. But, I had entered this client meeting with a shiny new full-time title. I was confident. I was excited. I was nervous. I put a lot of work into the concept.

In the end, my concept wasn’t chosen. The feedback we received from the client was that my direction felt “too premium” and that they liked the other concept better, because it was more approachable and focused more on food.

I was disappointed, but I totally understood. My approach to the project was incorrect. Admittedly, I tried to design something that would make me look good. I thought it would, in turn, make the client look good too. Instead of sulking, I turned it into a learning experience. It really taught me to ask better questions (to my creative director, to the client, … to myself) and make sure that I’m always being empathetic with my work.

In the process of updating my portfolio, I thought I’d give it another go. Based on the feedback, I opted for more lifestyle images of the products and accent images of prepared foods. Fissler makes premium products. They don’t exactly want to hide that, but I tried to make it easier for a user to envision him or herself using (and ultimately purchasing) Fissler products.